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The Personnel at Anchor Retrieval Solutions (Chandlers Direct) have in excess of 25 Years experience in the field of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management on a Global Level and Qualified to MBA Level having worked in Large International Organisations.

Our team are are used to working to the latest Quality Assurance Standards including those impacting upon the environment such as ISO-14001.and also Manufacturing Standards according to ISO9000 and TS16949 Quality Management Systems.

We at Anchor Retrieval Solutions (Chandlers Direct) are committed to Quality, and our Quality Management System and Working Ethos is geared to getting the job Right First Time. This is communicated to our Suppliers and Staff, and as a result the confidence of our Customers Grows.

There is a Trend nowadays for all Key Business Decisions whether made by Small, or Medium Sized Businesses, to identify ways and means of Increasing their Competitive Advantage, by Outsourcing work which is Non Core, has grown significantly.

Please see below what we have to offer and for a Quarterly Fee payable in advance, the benefits gained will contribute significantly to your business, as we will become a Strategic Partner and Asset to your Business.

Anchor Retrieval Solutions (Chandlers Direct) help our Clients to Achieve and Sustain High Performance in Procurement and Contract Management.

We Specialise and Focus on Reducing Costs, Minimising Risk and implementing improvements in Supplier performance in line with Service Level Agreements. This enables us to Provide to Our Clients an Opportunity to Reduce their Overall Cost of Acquiring Goods and Services and Maximise Savings which Contribute directly to the Bottom Line of the Profit and Loss Account Result.

With Anchor Retrieval Solutions (Chandlers Direct) as your Procurement and Supply Chain partner, you can:

1. Source strategically: We Source parts, Products and Services for your Business giving you New Opportunities to make Savings, Plan Capacity and increase Quality and Contract Compliance.

2. Access to a Quality Assured Supplier Base: We have access to many Suppliers, which enables us to use leverage and realise the lowest prices and best Strategic Fit for all your Procurement needs.

3. Increased Contract Compliance: We can help profile your needs and bundle your requirements Lowering your Costs, Reducing Supply Risk and increasing Management Control over spend via a Service Level Agreement and Review Process.

4. Efficient and Effective Processes: We offer high levels of Structured Procedures and Processes which are fully auditable and contribute significantly to a Continuous Improvement Philosophy.

5. Identification of Cost Savings: We will help you identify additional Cost Savings and Facilitate Workshops which proactively contribute to Innovative Solutions to Reduce Overall Costs.

6. Management of Cost Savings: We will deliver Cost Savings and be Fully Transparent and depending on the project brief these will be given 100% to the Client or shared on a mutually agreed basis.

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Your Procurement & Supply Function to Anchor Retrieval Solutions?

Any Organisation, whether it be a Sole Trader, Partnership, and Limited Company are contemplating outsourcing strategies daily. Most of these are looking for ways to increase their Business Performance, Profitability and Overall Competitive Advantage in an ever increasing Competitive World, where the end consumer expects to pay less for a High Quality Product and or Service.

So what are the main reasons to consider outsourcing your Procurement and Supply Functions?:

1. Concentration on Core Business Competences which are not readily available in the market.

2. Enjoy a Partnership with Expertise in identifying Cost Saving opportunities

3. Increase and Allocate Resources to Core Competencies

4. Reduce your Fixed Costs (Headcount & Overhead) to Variable Costs

4. Reduce Overall Costs based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

5. Improve and Accelerate Time to Market for your Products

6. Improve Overall Business and Operational Performance

If you are interested in considering Outsourcing your Procurement and Supply Function, please contact us outlining your needs, and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.